Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Treats and a Sticky Tip

Good day to ya!  You must read that with an Australian accent :-)  I've been watching McCleod's Daughters on Hulu using my ROKU......  

October is coming to a close, Halloween is almost upon us, and there's only 9 more Friday's until Christmas. YIKES!!!!
Today I want to share with you the Halloween treats I have put together for my family using two Silhouette cutting files,  Bat Candy Bar Wrapper and Trick or Treat Tags.  I went a little batty as you can see.

The file was a little to plain and just needed "something" so I used a Fiskars Texture Plate to add a little more interest to the wings.  
These cute tags were placed inside the bats so there would be a little extra treat for the receiver to find 

I added googly eyes

Then two fun-sized candy bars were adhered to the inside with DAP StikARounds, positioning them at strategic spots so when the candy is removed the Trick or Treat tag won't be torn.   

TIP:  DAP StikARounds are industrial strength glue dots and I only needed 1/2 of one to adhere each candy bar.  One-quarter of one for each candy bar probably would have done the trick, but they are very sticky and I didn't want to take the time to manipulate them.  These can be found in most hardware stores and are very inexpensive compared to glue dots made for our paper hobbies. They are very sticky!! I use them to adhere almost all my 3-d embellishments with great success.

Thank you for stopping by More Paper Kisses and Inky Wishes today!  Hugs, Shawna

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Little Getaway

Hello!  So glad you stopped by today.  I have a new project to share with you that was inspired by a trip to the Oregon Coast last weekend.  The dogs and I traveled north and spent the weekend with a long-time friend.  It was wonderful to see her and catch up, in person, on what has been happening in our lives.  The original plan was to camp on the coast, but this time of the year is the best possible weather for the area and there were no openings in any of the pet-friendly yurts (year-round  universal recreational tent) so we opted to stay at her place and just make a day trip to Bandon on Saturday.  The weather was drop-dead gorgeous ---- sun shine and no wind!!!  The dogs had a ball, we indulged in the best cream puffs on earth from the Bandon Bakery, had fish and chips for lunch, cruised the beach looking for "stuff", caught some photos of the setting sun , then headed back to Roseburg.  Sunday morning was spent on one of the rivers east of Roseburg doing road cleanup with Francesca's rafting club.  Then it was homeward bound, tired but refreshed.

The card I have to show you is super simple, but I love the melding of the DP and the stamped grass.  I didn't stamp a greeting on the tag as I am not sure what I will use this card for.  I may even change out the tag before I decide to send it.  Who knows?

Burger LOVES the beach

Fries, ever the active puppy, found something in the sand

He didn't get what he was digging for, but he did get a sandy nose!

The fog bank rolling in didn't do much for the setting sun, but we got out our cameras anyway.

Thank you so much for stopping by More Paper Kisses and Inky Wishes.  Hugs, Shawna

Sunday, October 13, 2013

BOO revisited

PLEASE NOTE, the Squigglefly challenge mentioned in the post below is from LAST YEAR, it is not a current challenge.  

I've missed coloring. I love to color.  Coloring is soothing. Coloring is an anti-stress remedy for me.  Today was a day I needed some stress relief so I clicked through my Squigglefly digi stamp folders and chose Triple Jacks to make a card for this week's Squigglefly challenge, HALLOWEEN.  This is such a fun image and while printing the image, choosing what Letreset markers to use, and then doing the actual coloring, I just kind of moved into a better place psychologically and the tension that I always seem to hold in my neck and shoulders when I get stressed out just melted away.  That's all the excuse I need to get into the studio and work with some cool Squigglefly images.  Hope you can join the challenge this week!  PPSSST!  A little birdie told me the prize for this week's challenge is TWO digital images.  Come play!

Inside I used a Darice embossing folder to show what scared those poor Jacks!  Well, actually it doesn't show what scared them.  Can you guess?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Silhouette Sunday Revisted --- Etching

I LOVE etching on glass and the Cameo makes this so easy.  Below is a post I did last year (or has it been longer...??).  Since fall is officially here and I just pulled this plate out of my autumn decorations bin I thought it good enough for another visit.  I hope you agree.

 I found this adorable apple plate at the local second hand store and thought it would be perfect for a little fall etching project. Cutting stencils is easy peasy with the Silhouette.  The only real 'trick' is to make sure you leave enough of a border so the etching cream doesn't get on any part of the glass that you do not want etched.  The leaf in the upper left corner was an after thought because I wasn't paying enough attention and a bit of the cream got up there where I didn't want it.  Not really a problem because I just cut another stencil and etched that part, but if you are working on something that wouldn't lend itself to any additions, then you must be careful.  
I am making a note to myself to check back with the thrift store tomorrow and get the other three plates they had.  *I did check back, and they still had those plates.  I just haven't gotten around to doing anything with them.*    I hope you have a fabulous week and I thank you for stopping by.
Hugs, Shawna                                                                  

Friday, October 4, 2013

You asked for it..............

Good morning!
I have had several requests to post a photo of "The Cutest Little Chiweenie Ever" so I thought that would be a good thing to do this clear, bright, crisp morning in the mountains. The leaves are turning and the air has a taste of autumn and the promise of winter in it. Lovely days, lovely weather.......   Sorry, I am getting off track.  Back to the business at hand.
Small Fry, AKA Fries, is a rescue, and I took him on a trial basis.  Had to make sure Burger would accept him, and although it was a bit touch and go there for awhile, it's worked out. The old Burger Meister does have his boundaries, and Fries has learned to back off when Burger has reached his limit of patience with the feisty pup. It truly has been good for old guy.
The youngest grand kids love him to pieces, and it's so much fun to watch the boys and the dogs play.  It's been a win-win situation for all concerned.   So, let me introduce you to Fries.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Hugs, Shawna