Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Sun Room Studio

Hello!  I can't believe how long it has been since I have actually posted something new, but so far 2014 has not been kind to me and my family.  I know the pendulum will swing the other way again, it always does, and God never gives us more than we can handle, but suffice it to say I am ready for some good changes. 

I haven't been enthused about paper crafting in any form for months.  I think this started when I had to start my blog all over and lost so many readers; just so disheartening.  Then the family things happening.  It took its toll on my hobbies and in many other areas of my life.  

However, I got a bug the other day to rearrange and organize the Sun Room Studio and once I got going, I could feel the excitement for creating come sneaking back into my consciousness.  The room is not ready for me to sit down and make something, but it is getting there.  Soon!!! 

While cleaning, rearranging, and organizing I found myself going through my ribbon drawer.  What a mess!  I had organized some scraps a year or so ago, but the ribbon on reels was a complete mess.  The plan was to get things rearranged and semi organized into areas and product then begin sorting, tossing, and labeling, but I needed a little diversion and I had a thought about storing the ribbon to make it not only easier to see what I have, but more accessible, too. So here's what I did.  

 I salvaged some plastic containers from my recycle bin and scrubbed the labels off.  That Orange Clean stuff works pretty darn good and using a toothbrush instead of a finger nail is the way to go.  (As a former nail technician I can hear myself telling the clients "Your nails are jewels, not tools! Treat them accordingly")   ummm......  OK, where was I? 
Ah, yes.  Just spray the stuff on and let it sit for a couple of minutes then scrub away.  It really does come off pretty easily and there's none of that sticky residue left from whatever they use to attach their labels.
 This shot shows the container I scrubbed to store ribbon spools in. The container on the right is a plastic unit that artificial nail tips come in.  Very handy for small pieces of ribbon or ribbon that you buy that is not on a spool.

 I just had to get in a shot of the beautiful flowers a dear friend brought by the other day to cheer me up.  Her and her husband are the sweetest people! 
 This is the file cabinet drawer where I keep my ribbon.  The BEFORE photo.  Oh dear.
 Now it's all neat and organized.  The container on the right holds some large reels of ribbon that had to lie flat, but it's still so easy to identify what type and color of ribbon is in there.  That's the really nice thing about using these clear containers --- organized with easy identification of your supply, and not mention FREE!!!
Another clear container in the back that I cleaned up along with some thin colored school supply containers I bought years ago.  One holds buttons and the other has some netting and packages of a few ribbons I have never used.  Yet.   :-) 

Using these recyclables to help organize my ribbon collection is 'clearly' the solution for me. --- *Big Cheesy Smile*--- .  I did not get my yogurt made today, but dang, The Sun Room Studio is lookin' good!!!!

Thank you stopping by More Paper Kisses and Inky Wishes.   Hugs, Shawna


  1. Shawna, what a great idea for ribbon storage!!!!!!! I need to start saving my cartons now. Really like this idea and all my ribbon is such a mess and would love a new home like the little cartons. Great idea!
    Hang in there and sending hugs.

    1. Thank you Lynn! I am excited to be back to blogging, but nervous, too. Kind of wondering if I have lost it, ya know? I've just kind of dropped out of sight, but getting back into the swing of things. Can't wait to see what YOU have been up to!

  2. What a great idea and how much nicer is it to go to "work" and have all your things in order! Good job!


    PS - I am so glad you are posting again!!!

  3. What a great idea and how much nicer is it to go to "work" and have all your things in order! Good job!


    PS - I am so glad you are posting again!!!


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