Monday, December 22, 2014


Every year I try to make my Christmas cards and I never seem to have enough time and the process becomes stressful and a chore rather than a labor of love. Soooooo, last year I sent out store bought cards and saved the ones I made last year to send out THIS year. Currently I am working on NEXT year's card. I know that seems a bit odd, but it sure takes the pressure off. If I don't get the cards done it's no big deal because I can work on them after Christmas, even into the new year. Stress kills, ladies!!! Let's plan on living a long time :-)

This photo was oriented the correct way in photo program. I do not know why it sometimes does this sideways act upon transferring to blogger, but it does. Sorry about that. I've said it before, I don't know how to correct this. Would be nice if they had a way to rotate the photo after it's been downloaded.
Used for this card: Snowflake Cuttlebug folder, Spellbinder's Oval nestie, Copic markers to color the lamppost stamp, Cranberry Stampin' Up ink for stamping Christmas Hugs.

*Note*  This is an old post from the former Paper Kisses blog. 

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  1. Shawna, I didn't do but one or two Christmas cards this year. So in January I started making "winter" cards to send out as late Christmas cards. I'm going to try to keep making more and more so that next Christmas I will be set like you! These are lovely cards. I love the embossing.


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