Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Three Little Buttons

PLEASE NOTE:  This post is from last year and the Squigglefly challenge mentioned is not taking place.  But do go to their site for the CURRENT challenge.

on this card reminded me of a tip I want to share with you, but first things first.  Today's card is one I made for this week's challenge at Squigglefly to make a monochromatic card, and since I am making cards this week for Card Care Connections (see [and press] the badge on the right hand side of the screen to get to their site) I chose the sentiment from Squigglefly "Thinking of You" and made one for my stash and two for CCC using shades of brown; perfect for the male cancer patient who may need a bit of cheering up.  That's what Card Care Connections is all about ------ helping someone facing a battle with cancer to have a bright spot in their day.  If you haven't checked out CCC's site, I encourage you to do so. So on to today's TIP:  How to evenly space a set of three elements without doing any measuring.
My example will be my Squigglefly challenge card with the three buttons along the bottom.  The trick to doing this without measuring is to decide how much space you want your elements, in this case the buttons, to take up on your card.  In this example I decided to put the buttons on the lower right-hand side of my card and wanted them to take up about 1 3/4 inches total.  Mind you, I did not measure this until AFTER I placed the buttons and did it only to find out exactly how much space I used. You don't measure at all, you just eyeball the distance and work with what looks good to you.  Once you have decided where and how much space you want to use glue down your element, in this case the first button, on the right-hand side.  Next glue down the button that goes on the left-hand side of the space you want to use. The third button (or other element) goes in the center between the two already placed buttons.  Just eyeball it ---- you will get it just about perfect every time.  If you want the elements to be on the left side, place the first element  there and work towards to right.  This also works if you were going to use, say, five elements.  You  would still place your elements on the right and left side, then one in the center, then the other two between the left/right element and the middle element.  
Here's the card with the the right and left buttons glued down where I wanted them to be. Below is the card after I placed the middle button.

And here's the finished card.  Thank you for stopping by (More) Paper Kisses and Inky Wishes. And thank you for bearing with me while I recreate my blog.   Have a wonderful day!  Hugs, Shawna

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  1. CAS and so very pretty! Love the addition of the buttons at the bottom too.


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