Monday, December 2, 2013


I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  It was quiet around here, but I got the grandkid fix on Sunday by watching two of the grands while the parents travelled to meet-half-way to pick up my middle grandson and bring him back home from his visit with his mother.  They wore me and the dogs completely out, but we had a great time.  While Anthony played outside with dogs, my
granddaughter and I worked on a project for the new baby, due in two weeks, and I will post that next Sunday.
When the son and DIL arrived back safe and sound with middle grandson in tow and we had a bite to eat then said our goodbyes so my sweet DIL could get some rest after that 700 mile round trip, I sat down at the computer to play with  My Memories v5 --- which is now my new favorite computer program --- to make a  new banner for the blog.   Using this program is going to make banners and backgrounds a blast to work on!  I may make a new banner for each month, but definitely a new one for each season.  I am astonished at the amount of content available for use with this program and how inexpensive it is.  And a lot of it is free. 

So now it is onward towards Christmas.  I wish for all of you a stress free holiday season; let's all remember what Christmas is truly about.  I leave you with post from the old blog.  Hugs, Shawna

I buy a rocking horse ornament for a special young lady every Christmas but wasn't able to find one for her this year or last year.  Seems ornaments have a cycle of popular or trendy themes and rocking horses were not in the mix the last few years.  Here's where the Silhouette Store and my Cameo came to the rescue. I bought two different cut files and cut several of each and glued the layers together to give them some heft.  I thought of trying some chipboard but with a few more things to make for Christmas I didn't want to push the envelope.  Several ladies in the Silhouette Plus Forum have cut chipboard successfully, but I am not ready to try it yet.  Not until I have an extra cutting blade on hand.  (Since this post was done I have cut chipboard, successfully, with the Cameo.  The company came up with a chipboard setting in a newer version of the software and they also now sell chipboard).



  1. Glad you are blogging again friend :) And creating such cool stuff with your Cameo :) Love that it cuts chipboard like that! Very nice job on both of them! Glad you got to see your family over the holiday weekend... we stayed quiet and quilty here :) Kathi

  2. Sounds like you had a good time over Thanksgiving visiting with your family. I think your new banner is just adorable! The little carousel horse is really cute and I'll bet it tickled the little girl you made it for. I hope you don't have any trouble finding a carousel horse for her this year.

  3. Oh my...aren't the little rocking horse ornaments adorable!!! I don't have a Cameo but after seeing your projects, I might have to be nice so Santa will bring me one!!!!


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