Saturday, December 14, 2013


I don't know how I managed to get two of the same post up on the new blog, but they have different posting dates, so I must have done it in my sleep!  Ha, ha! 
It's possible we may have a new member in the family before the weekend is over -- baby Patton may make her appearance OR she may wait until next week.  But one thing is for certain, without human intervention those little ones will make their appearance when they are darn good and ready.  Momma is ready that's for sure.  And if Patton decides Sunday is the day, it will be on my son's birthday so you can imagine we are all rooting for that!
I haven't been doing many cards lately, actually haven't been doing much crafting at all, but I have had this vinyl project in mind ever since I found out my DIL is pregnant and last weekend while I had her other two here for the day Deserae and I spent some time working on these.  I was kind of wanting to do a "my heart belongs to daddy", but she really wanted the Baby Girl thing, in red, and I suggested adding the little pink heart with the new baby's name.  So here you have it.  Clothes is the last thing this new addition needs, but I couldn't resist.  Thank you for stopping by!  Hugs, Shawna


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